Conveyor Applications

FATA Automation provides a wide range of conveyance options that can be used in a variety of applications. Below are some example of the applications that our conveyors are being used for. We offer our expertise and industry knowledge to design, engineer, and fabricate any proposed conveyor systems. 

Body Shop Systems

Body shops have a range of challenges when working with the components. We have refined our products to handle all the strenuous situations that body shops offer. Click to learn more about body shops and the different types of conveyor used within them.

Paint Shop Systems

Paint shops have intense environments that offer up a variety of challenges. To hold up to this intense environment we have developed specialized conveyor to handle these conditions. Click to learn more about this environment and the conveyor used within it.

Final Assembly

Final assembly lines have a range of challenges due to the fact that people work in close proximity to a moving conveyor line. Click to learn more about final lines and the various conveyor systems used.  

System Modifications

In today’s evolving market place demand changes so the conveyor lines must adapt. FATA has the resources to help you deal with these changing environments. We can make expert recommendations that will provide with the most output for your product’s needs. Click to learn more about system modifications.

Engine Assembly

Engine assembly involve many complex processes that have tight tolerances. We have developed conveyor systems that can handle these tight tolerance situations. Click to learn more about engine assembly and how FATA’s expertise can help.