Carrier/skid design

Carrier/Skid Designs

FATA Automation has an extensive background in carrier design. We offer custom carriers to fit any need and have serviced nearly every industry. We have designed and built custom dunnage meant to hold products in place for the long haul to extremely precise tooling carriers meant to serve robots to the ± 3 mm tolerance. We work with our clients to determine the exact need and design to suit.

FATA has provided carriers/skids for:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Engines
  • Heavy machinery
  • Marine

With FATA servicing these industries for over 50 years, and during that time, dealing with every challenge imaginable. There is nothing FATA can’t do. FATA’s experienced designers have seen many projects, challenges, and unique design scenarios which have prepared them for the next challenging application.

The FATA Advantage:

  • Single PO for fast-tracked engineered and manufactured skids
  • Fabrication and manufacturing capabilities
  • Development – conceptual discussions to assist with skid development
  • Engineering – structural, mechanical, electrical, controls and automation
  • Design – full 3-D modeling documentation provided for every skid
  • Project Management – for engineering, purchasing and shop fabrication