Process conveyors

Process Conveyors

Process conveyors are commonly used in the automotive industry to convey vehicle parts through assembly plants and paint shops. They are a durable and versatile method to move products at a desired speed through the manufacturing process and typically require minimal maintenance.

The process conveyor primarily consists of a drive assembly to power the continuous chain arrangement, a take-up unit for tensioning and a track or trough where the conveyor profile length is variable. A single-strand process conveyor utilizes one chain, while a double-strand has two chains to convey product. The application for either style can be determined by the length of the overall conveyor, the power requirements and whether the vehicle skid positioning is critical for work processes.

The advantages of a process conveyor system include:

  • Durability to withstand a variety of applications including paint shop ovens and spray booths
  • Versatility
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cost-effective

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