Geo Pallet conveyor

Geo Pallet Conveyor Systems

FATA designs, manufactures, installs and commissions Geo Pallet Conveyor, also known as Tooling Pallet Conveyor.

Geo Pallet Conveyor is very similar to skid conveyor, but allows for much more precise tooling. Geo Pallet can be found in body shops where robotic tooling tolerances are very precise. Short stroke lift tables lower the pallet to fore/aft and side-to-side locations that are set to the tooling stations. The benefits of using geo pallet conveyor are: the ability to keep all the tooling on the skid with the product, the skids are much more precise allowing for much higher degree of robotic precision, the product is typically clamped to the skid keeping it from being able to move around while it moves through the system. 


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