General/Final Assembly


Electrofied Monorail Systems can also be found everywhere that there is automation. Their wide range of speeds, quiet operation, high flexibility, low maintenance, clean energy and moduler design make them ideal for a factory where operators are working in close proximity.  The EMS can be used for applications such as doors, front end modules, seat and instrument panels.

Floor Conveyor

In automotive plants, Floor Conveyor offers variable speed processes, improved ergonomics and quiet operation.

Power and Free

Power and Free Systems are extremely common in body shops due to their robutness and shear power. Unlike basic overhead monorail conveyor systems, these systems provide the unique ability to stop individual loads without stopping the entire production line.

Skid Conveyor

Skid Systems can be found in body shops everywhere that are producing vehicles. Skid systems offer an efficient and quiet mode of transportation. Standard designs are available for both dry and wet area applications. 

Skillet Conveyor

Skillet systems allow work to take place safely on a moving line. They also allow the body of the vehicle to index up or down to be more ergonomic for the worker. Some other benefits are: open access to work inside and around the product, no lubrication system requirement, no impact accumulation, quiet operation and  low maintenance.